Thursday, November 12, 2015

7th Observation

November 12th, 2015

This is the 7th, and last observation of our terrarium. Our terrarium has been sitting in the windowsill of the SZB for 7 weeks now and has undergone much change.

Our Ecosystem:
  • Water Level: The water level lowered about 1/10th of an inch.  The clarity is still yellowed, possibly more than before, and particles are floating in the water.
  • Elodea: The elodea is still uprooted. No obvious change in size. The plant looks like it is being munched on by the snails because the ends of some of the leaves are jagged. 
  • Snails: 4 baby snails attached to the side of the container. No adult snails visible.
  • Daphnia: None visible. All possibly dead.
  • String: The string has more particles attached to it and looks like more could possibly be in the water than before, so it is slipping out of the soil slowly.
  • Soil: It looks more moist. The top is definitely a darker shade. Amount of mold has increased and is visible on the side of the container.
  • Garden bean golden-wax improved: The plant still looks green but there is not much growth. The bean has withered almost completely and looks like it is about to fall off the stem. One of the leaves is completely yellow. Another leaf has broken off and is resting on the surface of the soil; it is very curled and dry looking.
  • Johnny Jump Ups and Zinnia: The original is still green and healthy but the second one is completely dead and curled in on itself.
  • Other changes: Condensation present in both tiers of the terrarium. There is more condensation in the top tier. 

Here you can see the level of our water. It is only a small amount below the original height. Our Elodea is floating but very green. The leaves on the left are nibbled on, or seem to be.  Condensation is visible in the bottom tier.

One baby snail is visible slightly below the rocks, attached to the side of the terrarium. The strings are visible and obviously yellowed and frayed.

Our bean is completely black, and we assume, from our observations, that it would be squishy to touch. It looks moist and molded. You can see that it is pressed up against the side of the terrarium and that condensation has gathered around it.  The amount of condensation in our top tier is also high. Our soil is visible and looks dark and moist.

Our whole terrarium is visible here. You can see the large amount of condensation and the whole height of the golden bean.

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