Thursday, November 12, 2015

6th Observation

November 5th, 2015

After 6 weeks of sitting in a windowsill, our terrarium seems to have reached a standstill. It has continued to sit by the window, but temperatures have dropped due to the seasonal change and may have effected the growth.

Our Ecosystem:
  • Water Level: remains the same. More dirt particles are floating.
  • Elodea: The elodea is still floating and a healthy green.
  • Snails: Two baby snails are in the rocks and 3 baby snails are attached to the string. One adult snail is visible on top of the rocks.
  • Daphnia: no visible sign of daphnia.
  • String: Appears more yellowed than before. baby snails seem to be attached to the string. No other change.
  • Soil: The soil looks about the same level of dryness. More mold is present.
  • Garden-bean Golden Wax Improved: Sprout looks unhealthy. The bean itself is blackish and soft looking.
  • Johnny Jump Ups and Zinnia: There is a second sprout visible. The first sprout does not seem to have undergone change.
  • Other changes: Amount of condensation has increased.

Here you can see the garden bean. It is black and seems to be moldy.

Here our old and new sprout of either the Zinnia or the Johnny Jump Ups. You can also see how moist the soil looks.

Here we can see more mold  in the soil. It is clumping together. This spot if the most prominent spot of mold in the soil but there are smaller clumps throughout the soil in other spots.

Our string is visibly yellowed and fraying. It is also curled up against the rocks, so we suspect that it has slipped out of the soil a small amount. In the back, our Elodea is also visible. It is healthy and green. The baby snails are visible on the string. They seem to be attached to the string.

Our garden bean is visible here. the leaf is visibly yellowed on at least half of it but the other leaves seem to be healthy and green. The condensation is also high in the top tier.

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