Thursday, October 29, 2015

5th Observation

October 29th, 2015

Our plant has been sitting in a windowsill for 5 weeks now. It seems to have gone from being very healthy, to decreasing in health.

Our Ecosystem:
  • Water Level: remained the same at 605 ml. Water clarity seems more dirty, there are pieces of leaves floating around, and has particles floating in it. 
  • Elodea: Remained the same. We shook the bottle, so now the plant is uprooted. 
  • Snails: All the snails were under the rocks. Originally we were  not sure if they died or if they went under the rocks because they were cold. We are thinking they could have buried themselves since they were by the window and it was cold outside. After looking at the snails for a longer time period- we determined that they are alive!! 
  • Daphnia: We do not see any this time. 
  • String: Appears to be more frayed 
  • Soil: moist, but the top is starting to look more dry. Also, we can see the plant roots in the soil. 
  • Garden-bean golden wax improved: One of our leaves is yellowing and the bean appears to be rotting. The bean is brown and has mold on it. 
  • Johnny Jump Ups and Zinnia: The sprout is still there, it has grown very little. The plant is still growing towards the sun. 
  • Other changes: Condensation levels have remained the same. Still present in both tiers. Condensations seems to be forming on the side that is not directly facing the sun. 
This is a view of our entire terrarium. 

Here you can see the roots in our soil from our bean plant. 

This displays the browning of our bean plant. 

Condensation is still apparent and our leaf is starting to yellow. 

Our plant has been uprooted because we shook our terrarium,
 but you can see our snails are thriving and the water level has
remained the same. Water clarity seems to be more yellow and has
plant particles floating around in the water. 

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