Thursday, October 15, 2015

2nd Observation

October 8, 2015

After one week of sitting in a windowsill, receiving ample amounts of sunlight, our terrarium ecosystem has undergone change.

Our Ecosystem
  • Water: level remains the same at 605 ml
  • Elodea: has not grown but looks healthier and more green than when first implanted, 17 cm
  • Snails: 3, number has not increased, but are moving and still alive
  • Daphnia: Cannot determine number, but still alive and moving
  • String: the color is more yellow and has some particles attached to it
  • Soil: looks dry on top but seems moist underneath
  • Garden-bean golden wax improved: bean has sprouted about 2 1/2 cm from the soil. There is a bean at the end of the sprout.
  • Johnny Jump ups: no sprouts
  • Zinnia: no sprouts
  • Other changes:
    • condensation forming on top of terrarium and lower half above the water 

    Here is a full view of our terrarium where one
    can notice our plant growth and see that our
    ecosystem has life and is flourishing. 
    Here you can see the start of our bean growth.
    We expect that it will continue to grow! 

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