Thursday, October 15, 2015

3rd Observation

October 15, 2015

Today we observed our plant terrarium for a third time and things have definitely changed! We let our plant terrarium sit by a window so that it could get direct light for a week and are now observing the changes.

Our Ecosystem: 

  • Water Level: 605 ml 
  • Elodea: Appears to have doubled in size, hard to measure since it is bending now. It is bending at the top because it is so long and has a leaf sprouted at the top and 2 bean sprouts. 
  • Number of snails: 3 original snails and a baby snail has joined our snail family 
  • Number of Daphnia (crustaceans): 5 original, and it appears that more have been reproduced 
  • String: 3 pieces of string, appear more yellow and more fringed at the bottom 
  • Soil: Looks dry on top but moist deeper in. 
  • Amount of soil: 3 1/2 cups, appears more dry 
  • Number of seeds total: 10 
  • Beans: 5
  • Johnny Jump Ups: 2 - nothing sprouted
  • Zinnia: 2 - nothing sprouted 
  • Garden-bean golden wax improved: 1 
Here you can see our entire ecosystem in a bottle. The Elode(on the bottom) is very green, long
and is continuing to grow. The bean plant (on the top) has grown significantly and can be easily seen.
Condensation is present on the top and bottom half of our ecosystem. 

Here you can see the bean leaf at the top of stem. It has grown greatly and we predict another bean
will sprout by next week. Condensation is present.  
The Elodea plant has grown from 10/8 and is easily seen that it is surpassing the marking on
10/8. It also appears very green. The water clarity has gotten better over the past week and appears to be
more clear than last week. There are more particles apparent in the water but it hasn't affected the clarity.
The string seems to have turned more of a yellow color and we noticed that there was a baby snail on our string
but it is not visible in this picture. 

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