Thursday, October 22, 2015

4th Obsevation

October 22nd, 2015

Our plant has undergone much change after 4 weeks of sitting in a windowsill. Our ecosystem seems to be healthy and thriving.

Our Ecosystem:
  • Water level: Remained the same at 605 ml. Water clarity seems more yellow and has more particles.
  • Elodea: Bent over like it is falling. Still partially above water. Part of the plant seems to be breaking off. The Elodea is leaning towards the sun.
  • Snails: 4 snails. All seem alive. The baby snail has grown.
  • Daphnia: Still present. Number indeterminable. They appear to be larger.
  • String: Appears to be more frayed.
  • Soil: Moist and a lot more mold is present.
  • Garden-bean Golden Wax Improved: We noticed that there is a leaf that broke off from our sprout and is now moldy. 1 bean is almost fully formed. we now have 3 leaves. The plant is growing towards the sun.
  • Johnny Jump Ups and Zinnia: One more sprout is present. Not able to determine which seed it is.
  • Other changes: Condensation level seems to be the same. Still present in both tiers. Condensations seems to be forming on the side that is not directly facing the sun.

Here is the top half of our terrarium. You can see that we have a new sprout near the bottom
of our soil. Additionally, we have two new leaves that grew to the original sprout. The elodea
is growing towards one direction and our prediction is that it is growing that way because the sun
hits the side of the bottle with no condensation, therefore the plant is growing towards the sun.
Our soil is still moist on the bottom but drier near the top. 

Our water seems a little less clear this week and there appears to be more particles floating around.
Our baby snail is resting on the string (cannot be seen) but is doing well along with the other snails!
Our elodea plant is also moving towards the sun which we found interesting. We were wondering
why it was slumped over to the right at first, but after coming to the conclusion that our rotala was
growing towards the sun, we have made the same conclusion that our elodea is doing the same. 

Here you can see our full terrarium thriving and well! 

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